Interview with Lesley

What is Mindset Coaching?

Mindset Coaching is a successful method of bringing about change. By developing your self-awareness, I will help you to grow, change and reach your full potential either in your personal or professional life.

Sports Coaching is well known, and just as a sports coach would work on technique to enhance performance, and skills As a Mindset Coach I will be helping you develop confidence and self-assurance to achieve your goals.

As a Mindset Coach I believe our relationship is therapeutic, in that it supports you maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However coaching is different to counselling and psychotherapy, which largely focus on working through your personal history. Mindset coaching will enable you to focus forward on your present and future. Mindset Coaching is for you if you want to grow, develop and change areas of your life to reach your true potential.

Mindset Coaching is for you if you want to grow, develop, and change areas of your life to be the best you can be.

What kind of difficulties do you help with?

I have worked in the field of psychology for over 30 years, so my experience, skills and knowledge means I can help with a wide range of difficulties.

I am passionate about helping you grow and develop whatever it is you want to change.

I love seeing people who have been procrastinators, suddenly get on with doing the tasks that they have avoided. Similarly the people pleasers who put everyone else first and then feel stressed or overwhelmed, I have great satisfaction when these people suddenly become more assertive and happier.

My professional success occurs as I watch my coachees become more confident, self assured, more trustworthy and fulfilled.

How long do you usually recommend clients spend with you?

As you can imagine, this is a difficult question to answer, it will depend on the goal you want to achieve and how quickly you want to change.

Therefore I offer a range of different packages, ways of working with me to suit various needs.

Usually my current clients see me from between 3 months to 2 years.

My guarantee to you

It is important that we both feel you are getting what you want from coaching. If I feel I am not the right coach for you, I would discuss this with you.

I am passionate about helping you achieve your goals and therefore if after our first coaching consultation you feel that you have not received any benefit from the session I would refund any money you have paid for future sessions.

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